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Travel deal geek ? Excellent writing skills ? Aspiring entreprenuer ? Travel industry network ? Marketing savvy ? Blogger ? Is that you ?

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A global network of travel deal afficionados. The global brand. A great web based business platform ! Proven methods and tools.

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Get your part of the network. Get the rights to use the Travolo brand and platform on your home turf ! Build your own business !

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Local Knowledge

All About Travel Deals

You have the travel deal knowledge in your market ?
We have the web solution and methods and tools to make you profit from your local knowledge and travel industry network.
If you become part of the Travolo network as a franchise we provide you with all the tools and methods for you to succeed.
You get your own site within the Travolo brand. Localized in your language(s). Ready for you to start adding travel deal content.
You setup your ads from networks of your choice. You can link your content to any affiliate program.
Your site is tightly integrated with twitter and facebook. Plug into subscribers social media news stream for awarenes and engagement.
You have access to email marketing tools to engage with subscribers
We provide you with tools, marketdata and methods to optimize your online business.
You will be part of a global brand and a global family of sites which will expand the value of your own site.
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  • Localized, ready for your travel deal content.

  • Setup your own ads and affiliate contracts. Ready to turn visits into income.

  • Integrated with facebook, twitter and supporting email marketing. Plug into the consumers social media newsstreams for awareness and engagement.

  • With our toolbox. marketdata and wiki we direct you towards a profitable business. The travolo codex guides you in creating value.

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We are now open for applications from potential franchising partners ! Contact us now for more information !

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